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                                                    All of us dogs in this page are either in foster care, kennels, or reserved pending adoption. Should you wish                                                            to contact the rescue to foster or adopt one of us below, please complete the foster & adoption application                                                                form on the link below quoting which of us dogs you would wish to rehome.  All dogs adoptions are                                                                                                subject to homechecks and adoption fee donations. 

The adoption donation fees are as follows 

under 1 years old - £250
1-7 years old -£200
8+ years old - £150

The foster/adopt form is in the link below..

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Love the dogs of Balto & Co Dog Rescue
  1. Zeus
    Zeus is currently on Reserve. - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Zeus is approximately 14 months old and is an American Bulldog. Zeus came to us quite fearful of men and also lead and dog reactive so cannot be placed in a home with dogs, however Zeus is fantastic with children of all ages, Since coming into rescue he is now crate trained, muzzle trained, knows basic commands, is now lead trained and is living with 2 male foster carers, He is now not as fearful over strange men, and his confidence and training has grown tremendously since coming into rescue. Due to this, we are happy to announce Zeus is now reserved pending Adoption by his foster carers.
  2. Nahla
    Nahla is currently on Reserve. Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Nahla is a Husky x malamute who is 2 years old and who has been passed from pillar to post, ended up in one rescue and we were asked to step in as the previous rescue apparently didn't have any husky experience or homes available, Nahla was in kennels and was deteriorating, shutting down and losing weight. She unfortunately has a skin condition that needs treatment and is currently in assessment with a foster carer having only been with us a short while. As soon as she becomes available to adopt you will be the first to know.
  3. Milo
    Milo is currently on Reserve. - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Milo is a husky approximately 2-3 years old and is a dog that came to us as a discarded dog from the Pound that was going to be put to sleep as he had stayed over his 7 days. Milo was severely emaciated and not coping in kennels. He has been in foster care where he has been assessed as good with other children and dogs and is house trained with basic commands known. Hehas been neutered vaccinated and microchipped. Milo is going on a trial to be adopted. Watch out for updates and fingers crossed for his adoption going through.
  4. Iggle Piggle
    Iggle Piggle
    Iggle's is available for Adoption - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Iggle Piggle (our founder has a thing for kids program characters) is an American Bulldog X approximately 18 months old and is another dog that came to us from a pound. He unfortunately had to stay in kennels longer than we wanted as he had suspected ringworm. He is now on the road to recovery and his foster carer loves him. He is doing well, has been neutered and vaccinated and is ready for adoption. He has been reserved by his foster carer and hopefully will be adopted soon.
  5. Tinks
    Urgent long term foster needed for a very special girl. Tinks is a Malamute, approximately 5 years old. She is currently under assessment and will be available for adoption shortly. Tinks ( Named in true Balto fashion after Tinky Winky) is a poundie who came incredibly close to losing her life. She is lame and very overweight. We are working at getting her weight down to where it should be and with that she seems to be improving with her Gait and Lameness. We hope that its down to diet and exercise however will have regular visits at the vets until she is healthy.
  6. Charlie
    In Assessment - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Charlie - a deaf adorable staffie who understands most generic hand signal commands. Poor Charlie gets very stressed when kennelled or crated. We have a dog assessment taking place in the next day or two so we can know more. He currently has baubles so no intact females for him and he's looking for a place to lay his paws. We have until the 13th to move Charlie.
  7. Simba
    In assessment - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Simba is around 2 years Simba is a young male husky He is still looking for a place and is in the pound. Simba isn't coping in the pound and needs out yesterday. No small furries for simba please. Also ideally need pet & child free placement for him whilst he is assessed.
  8. Butch
    In Assessment - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Butch is a young giant boxer x staffie we think. He is great with kids, walks nice on a lead when he is settled. He was born 9 - 1-2016 he's vaccinated a neutered. Played lovely with 2 yorkies so good with dogs and is now in assessment so keep watching available for adoption soon.
  9. Zeus2
    Zeus 2 is currently in assessment. - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Zeus 2 is a gorgeous Cane Corso. Zeus has gone to the amazing Pete button for rehab work. Keep an eye out for how that goes.
  10. Ty
    In Assessment - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Ty, is a husky x bulldog pup, he's 10-11 months old. He's dog and child friendlily so he does like to play like huskies do so we recommend larger dogs. He's an intact male so cannot be homed at present with a intake female. Unfortunately TY cannot be homed with small furies due to his size.
  11. Bruno
    Ready for Adoption - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Bruno is a 2 year old Rotty x staff. Bruno is vaccinated, neutered and chipped. He is everything friendly - though his doggy manners are somewhat lacking so any four legged friends would need to be pretty placid and willing to be dived all over!
  12. Mya - ( was Lola )
    Mya - ( was Lola )
    Lola is currently Reserved. Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Here we have the very lovely Lola who has now been renamed Mya. Mya is 4 year old Siberian husky.
  13. Shadow
    Currently in Assessment - Comes with 5 weeks FREE Pet Insurance Shadow is a 1 year old male husky x Malamute. He is child and dog friendly and urgently needs a new home. Shadow has limited training and is very excitable - though we expect this to calm with regular excercise. He is super friendly and totally gorgeous! He is a snowdog so usual rules apply, these are not your average dog and have very specific needs.