Kai was a gorgeous 4 year old Malamute who was taken far too soon, and with him, a big part of us left too. Please read his story as we honour his memory with pictures and words below.
Kai was a much loved family pet for 4 years, due to circumstances which aren't our place to discuss publicly his owner had to rehome him. His owners did everything they could to secure a safe and loving home for their boy. He was assessed on Wednesday evening (including taken for a walk) and appeared to be a healthy, happy boy. On Thursday he was rehomed still as an apparently healthy, happy boy.

By Friday morning both us and his previous owner were contacted to say Kai had to be moved. At this point Kai was not in our care but we did everything we could to try and help, he was secured a rescue space for Saturday but the new owners refused to transport him and the rescue space could not be held. We were made aware that Kai was being shut outside (in atrocious weather conditions) and took the decision to get Kai to safety no matter what, an emergency foster home was found and the process of trying to find transport began, the new owners again weren't willing to transport him and we finally managed with the help of some amazing transporters from the animal team to get Kai removed on Sunday morning.

Shortly after Kai was collected and was in transit the foster home pulled out, at that point one of our team decided that her own dogs would go into kennels to enable her to take Kai. He had a very long day on Sunday but it was very quickly apparent that something was quite badly wrong, he was panting constantly, not eating, drinking excessive amounts, limping and clearly extremely stressed. He saw an emergency vet on Monday (bank holiday) who confirmed he had infections in both ears, a urine infection and was clearly in some pain down his left hand side. He was due to go back to the vets on Wednesday at which time his pain and infections would hopefully be more manageable. His condition deteriorated quite rapidly culminating in a massive seizure yesterday. We do not know what was wrong with Kai, it is more than likely that he had some neurological damage and there is no doubt he was suffering badly. Whether that damage was from a pre-existing unseen condition or as a direct result of something else we will never know. Unfortunately Kai was not able to recover from the seiure and was put to sleep to end his suffering on the advice of the vet.

We in no way hold Kai's original owners responsible for any of this and have in fact been in regular contact throughout, they have shown nothing but concern for Kai and are now understandably devastated. Kai's story raises a lot of 'what ifs', we will all live with regrets, personally I ask myself why didn't I just take him myself? I already have 5 dogs - 4 of whom are rescues so what difference would 1 more make? Kai has broken all of our hearts but he did know love all of his life, his last week was horrendous but he passed wrapped in Amy's arms and enveloped in love. We will continue to fight for the Kai's of this world and to everyone who offered to foster, transport, donated and shared we thank you all. Between us we made sure that his last couple of days he was loved and cared for again.

Shine bright Kai, we will never forget you [💔] [💔]